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Flash Jigsaw Builder -A- | How to earn money online with this program

As you can see there are lots of people who love playing jigsaw games on Internet and there are people who create flash jigsaw games to earn money. Do you want to earn money like them? Do you want to earn money online by one of the simplest, fastest but also effective ways? Are you new to this "earning money online" and want to get some fast money to fund on your next projects? If your answer is yes then good, I am going to give you my "little secrets" of how to earn more money with less work than most of the jigsaw game developer out there! Keep reading, follow me step by step and I am sure you will see your money even before you finished reading this tutorial!

I. Flash Jigsaw Builder -A-

This is my first secret, a program I created to help you create quality jigsaw games with as less effort as possible, actually you can create a game in just one minute! Here are its features:
  • Allows you to use your images, music and custom background color. (Lite version)
  • Provides you direct access to the game source code in AS3, you have all rights to edit the source, using it however you want. (Lite version)
  • Support FGLAds and Funklick, the two best in-game ads networks at this time. (Complete version)
  • Allows you to use your own banner and url in place of ad. (Complete version)
Click here to view an example of a game created from this program.

Use Google and you will see there are people who ask to buy flash jigsaw game and flash jigsaw source code out there, but here you get both for free with unlimited numbers of games you can create and no restriction of how to use them!

The program has two versions:
  • LITE version only allows you to build games with no ads, no banner support.
  • COMPLETE version which allows to use all of the features mentioned.
Download the COMPLETE version so we can move to next steps in action and help you to start earning your first bucks! But if you are not sure if getting this version worth your time then try the LITE version first, I will be waiting.

Download LITE version
Download COMPLETE version

II. Flash jigsaw games are very effective to recycle, less work but effective to earn money online especially for starters!

Before we get moving to how to use the program and start earning money, I want to explain a bit to you why creating jigsaw games with my program is a good way to earn money. With jigsaw games you don't need to come with new features or anything each time you release a new flash game, all you need to do is using new images, new music then you already have something for people to enjoy, with the help from my program you don't even need to change anything in source code, things can't be simpler and easier for you! If you do things right then there will be lots of people play your games, equally to lot of money you will earn compared to how little you had to work. With my little program, you have no need to work hard, not really need to work smart, no need to be patient, no need of knowledge, you just need to feel, choose beautiful images and good music you like, put them together in just a few clicks and you can see your money roll in some minutes later. This is indeed a good way to relax while still earning money!

Above is my earning from Funklicks. I mainly used MochiMedia before they closed earlier this year so this is just a very small part of my actual earning from cloning flash jigsaws. Though you still can see how spending 5 minutes to use my program is very worth your time. Let see, "Sora no Otoshimono Jigsaw" has earned me ~$26 which cost me about 1 hour to choose nice images and doing my little tricks in part V, while the lastest one "drop - Jigsaw" which I spent only 3 minutes selecting random image in my wallpaper folder and submitted to only one portal without doing any tricks earned ~$6. When I was using Mochi, I spent 1 hour everyday doing which I have told you in this tutorial and had a stable income of $300 every month. So it was like $30 / hour work, without any stressing.

III. How to use Flash Jigsaw Builder -A-

First you need Java installed on your computer, without Java you still can run my program and build your game to source code but you won't be able to build it into SWF file. You can download Java from their website:

The next steps are so simple:
  1. Choose 4 images for the jigsaws.
  2. Choose an image to display in background when your game is loading.
  3. Pick the background color.
  4. Choose a MP3 file to play as background music.
  5. Enter your ad information. (please read IV. Sign-up on ad networks)
  6. Press Build, your game in SWF format will be created in the main folder of this program.
The program will auto resize your images to fit the game with the smoothest quality.

IV. Work on ads:

 The program supports Funklicks, FGLAds and custom banner.


This network is recommended if you want some quick and easy money. Right after registered your account will be approved, the minimum payout is only $2 and you can request your payment anytime after you reached that goal, using them is pretty simple. Sounds good isn't it? I'm going to tell you how you can get pass that minimum payout in less than 5 minutes so keep reading! Also note that the owner of Funklicks is the admin of TalkArcades, the forum that is well-known in online gaming, arcade market, so you know that you can trust him and his network.

My payment proof from Funklicks.

How to add Funklicks ad to your games:
  1. After registered, login to your account, click on [Add New Game], enter your Game Title and choose AS3 in the dropdown list, click Add Game
  2. Then in the Ad Code column, on the same row as your game, click on [AS3], you will download a zip file named FunKlicksGameAds. 
  3. Unzip the file to somewhere. In Flash Jigsaw Builder -A- choose Funklicks in the dropdown box, press Browse button and select the file you extracted from 

2. (FGL Ads)

Tested with FGL Ads in 5 hours of works, earned ~$100 after a month not touching. Not bad, I guess.

The biggest place for people to buy and sell browser games, also a growing force in mobile gaming market just opened their promising in-game ad service called FGL Ads.

Sign-up as developer here.

  1. After signed-up, login to your account then go to this page:
  2. At the bottom, you see a text box under Create New Ad Token label, type your token name here, I recommend you to use your game name but you can use any name since a single token can be used for as many games as you want. Then click Submit.
  3. Click on Download Ad Code you will download a file with AS extension.
  4. Open the file with notepad or any text editor, text browser program. You will see a line that looks like this:
    var ads = new FGLAds(stage, "FGL-21520074");
  5.  Copy the code in the quote mark which has FGL prefix with a number followed.
  6.  In Flash Jigsaw Builder -A- choose FGL Ads in the dropdown box, enter the code to the text box.

3. Use your own banner:

Instead of using ads, you may want to lead players to your website or CPA pages, this feature allows you to do so.
  1. Choose My own banner in the dropdown box.
  2. Enter the URL of your banner.
  3. Press Browse then select your banner image. If selected image isn't 300x250 the program will auto resize it for you with the smoothest quality.
It's just that simple.

4. No ad

If  you don't want to use any ad or banner in your games, you just want to create them for fun or to gift someone then choose the "No ad" option in the dropdown list or use the LITE version.

V. Start earning money in less than 5 minutes!

I said it right, you are going to earn money in less than 5 minutes! And here is the secret you have been waiting for:

1. Some notes

You should choose a clear theme for each game and use it for your game name, as for my experiment it works pretty good when you use a hot anime at the time you release the game.  For example: Attack on Titan Jigsaw or Attack on Titan Puzzle.

2. 4chan /f/

Yes, 4chan, a weird place to earn money eh? Just upload your game to
and you are going to get lots of views, lots of clicks. Just upload one or two games there everyday but please read my notes to make sure you get the best result:
  • Don't spam there, don't upload a bunch of games at a same time, don't post another game when your preview one has yet been deleted! People will start hating you if you do that and this is a big no-no! Best is just keeping it at one game per day. Keep in mind that we aren't going to earn money by making people annoyed, though we are going to clone a game over and over using copyrighted resources but what we aim for is making people enjoy your games and that is the safest and most stable way to earn money.
  • Use anime, manga style images with the main theme of cute / beautiful girls! Use anime song with female vocal or simply use instrument music of anime songs! You should use some sexy (ecchi) images but this isn't a must. People there are perverts, they like girls, cute girls, (2D) little girls in swimsuit and most of them love Japan anime, manga so this is the best way to make them enjoy your games and greatly increase your conversion rate. 
  • But please keep in mind that you don't want to piss your ad-networks and your advertisers, if you are using Funklicks, FGL Ads or any non-adult CPA offer then please don't use any adult content in your games, girls exposed their underwear a little is good but completely naked sure is not.
  • 6-9 AM and 6-12 PM in US time seems to be the best times to submit your game to 4chan, it seems more American people there at the time to play your game.
  • Of course a lot of traffic from 4chan isn't something that ad-networks and advertisers really like so you may have to mix it with other sources of traffic. Of course I will help you with all these source!
Try which I told you till this point now! See if my words were true and if they are worth your time to continue follow me!

Did you see your money roll in your account? Did you get motivated? Did I proved my words to you? Then the next part will be the most important secret that will help you earn dozen times the money you just got, also make your ad-networks and advertisers happy so the numbers in your accounts will surely became real money on your hands!  

2. The real secret

If you often go to some popular portals like NewGrounds to play games you might wonder how could some very suck submissions have many more views and higher rating than much higher quality ones? A cloned, spammy low quality jigsaw got tens of thousands views, 4/5 stars rating and even a daily top place while a decent action game can only get around 1000 to 2000 views at best with the rating barely on 3/5 stars, did you ever see something like this?  Did you ever wonder if someone have been cheating? Yes, people cheat, me cheat and you will cheat too if you really want some "easy" money. That is unfair, I know, it is unfair for some people who worked hard, gave their best, gave their love and just got behind someone like me, who cheated all the way. But everything related to money is always that unfair, if something else it's worse. You still can earn some decent amount of money without doing this "secret" though so just skip this part if what I just said isn't suit your taste. Note that if you worked hard but didn't earn anything worthy in this whole "earning / making money online", the reason maybe this simple, people cheat but you didn't. There are people who pay me to do the job for them, I don't mind if you just get my secret and become my competitor.  

Since it is a secret, it won't be told so easily, that is for my and your own good not to public it so I hope that you understand me. The rest of this part is not only to help you earn money from my program but also is a key to help you in many other online businesses. Some big guys have been using this "cruel and dirty method", making life harder and more unfair for the small ones. This is the time for you to step in and change things for your good.

Continue reading my real secret, start making good money from your flash games even when they suck!

VI. Places to get resource:

 Of course Google will help you a lot but I want to give you a little more details.
  • is a good place for anime wallpaper, you will find lot of quality child-friendly  contents as well as sexy and adult ones here.  
  • Youtube is a very good source for music, just use or to convert Youtube video to mp3. 
I mainly use just these two sources for my games.

VII. Why am I telling this to you? Why don't I just keep all there and earn money for myself?

And why all there annoying download links? To this part, you see I am not really a good person who share his secret methods to others expected nothing in return. Beside creating jigsaw games I have other better ways to earn money, it was just my hobby, though for you, if you are a starter into this "earning money online" I believe this can help you a lot. For the past years I have earned around $4000 from spending 1 hour everyday doing which I told you in this tutorial, mostly the money is from MochiMedia which was just closed so I didn't have a chance to take some pictures of my real earning. Though I already tried all the in-game ad-networks to find the best that will work for you. I I spent days developed the program, spent another day to write a long step-by-step tutorial, trying to help you to earn some money worthy of the time you have spent following me, so in return if you want to get the special parts of my program and tutorial to boost your earning you should help me doing a favor too. It is a Win-Win situation which I aim for when both of us get what we want and deserved to have! Let see it as we are colleagues doing our parts to help each other!

So I really am looking forward to work with you again in the future my fellow!

Thank you!